Medical Job Specialities


Medical Job Specialities


Paediatrics Jobs

Our experienced team at BluePrint Medical are on hand to source you the very best in Paediatric jobs in Australia & New Zealand. We will work tirelessly with you to provide you the options most suitable to your current circumstances whilst also ensuring your priorities are catered to. 

Why work with us?

Supplier to all states, across Clinics and Hospitals throughout Australia & New Zealand

Expert medical advice on securing the role that suits you

Able to assist with permanent, contract and short term positions

Meet your Team

Linda Nherera

Compliance Manager

Linda is here to assist you with all your compliance and logistical needs. She brings a thorough knowledge of the AHPRA registration processes and procedures as well (having worked at AHPRA) and the Medicare provider number process.

She holds credentialing knowledge for both Consultants and Registrars in O&G, ED, & Paediatrics doctors across all states in Australia.

Greg Everett

Recruitment Consultant

Greg brings with him over a decade of client service experience and will be focusing on sourcing doctors for locum and permanent positions within the fields of Medicine & Paediatrics.

Recognising the unique needs and aspirations of each individual, Greg adopts a personalized and tailored approach to his recruitment process.

He works closely with candidates, taking the time to understand their specific requirements, and strives to match them with positions that align with their professional goals and personal preferences.

Antoinette Lopez


Antoinette has a multifaceted background, beginning with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, graduating with Latin honours. Initially drawn to teaching, Antoinette later realised it was not the ideal career path. Seeking new opportunities, she found her calling as a para consultant at a medical recruitment agency in Sydney. Over three years, Antoinette immersed herself in the healthcare industry, diligently assisting both Junior and Senior doctors with their locum placements. Her meticulous attention to detail and unwavering dedication help streamline processes, ensuring a smoother and more fulfilling work-life balance for medical professionals.

Outside of work, Antoinette finds solace in nature, using weekends to embark on adventures and explore the great outdoors. Whether riding a motorcycle along scenic routes to appreciate the landscapes or swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the sea, she always finds sanctuary in the serenity of nature, nurturing both body and soul.

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